On the heels of our popular interactive “What’s Your College Knowledge?” contest, the Original Retro Brand is excited to keep the fun and shenanigans rolling with our “4 ON THE FLOOR” Contest!! I’m sure you’ve already filled out enough brackets by now, and I wouldn’t be able to keep track of all that stuff anyway, so here’s how this is going to work:

Enter the 4 teams you think will end up as the last 4, plus who you think will be crowned champion, in the POST/VIEW COMMENT section at the end of this post.  *Be sure to have this done before the games begin Thursday or you can’t win the top prize! Any person who picks all 4 teams and the champion correctly, will win a $200 gift certificate to be used on! Piece of cake, right?  If you happen to just pick 3 of 4 and get the champion, you’ll receive a $100 gift certificate.  Not a bad second place.  Here’s another good thing…ALL CUSTOMERS WHO WRITE IN AN ENTRY WILL AUTOMATICALLY BE ENTERED IN A WEEKLY DRAWING FOR A FREE ORIGINAL RETRO BRAND T-SHIRT! We’ll draw names every T-Shirt Tuesday starting 3/23, then 3/30, and we’ll do the last one the day after the Championship game on 4/6, when we announce the $200 & $100 winners (if there are any!).  I will post the winner of each drawing on the Original Retro Brand Blog, Facebook Fan Page, and Twitter.  Wait, there’s more……


My friend, and Original Retro Brand regular customer Shaun Boyle, reminded me this morning that it seems puzzling to have the Big Dance begin without the likes of UCLA, North Carolina, Arizona, Indiana and UCONN.  I like puzzles well enough, and frankly won’t miss any of those pieces this year (I’ll suck up to my bosses here, and say I’ll miss Arizona a little).  Since we’re talkin’ puzzles, we might as well throw in a puzzle contest.  We’ll call it the “Guess the School Mascot” contest. Each week day starting tomorrow, 3/16, we’ll post a partial image of a school mascot’s logo on the blog, Facebook Fan Page and Twitter.  The first person to leave the correct answer in the POST/VIEW COMMENT section at the end of the daily post, will win a FREE Original Retro Brand T-Shirt! If after the first day nobody guesses correctly, an additional piece of the logo puzzle will appear the next day and we’ll try again.  If after 3 pieces nobody chooses correctly, we’ll give a major hint and hope we get a winner!  As soon as we get a winner, a new puzzle piece for a different team will appear, and we’ll keep playing  the contest until the Championship game on April 5th. Before I forget, there’s one more thing……..


Every week day starting tomorrow, 3/16, The Original Retro Brand will feature a “$10 Off Tournament T-Shirt of the Day” wherein both a Men’s and Women’s shirt from a specific school that is still alive in the tourney will be $10 off the normal retail price.  We will post a new team every week day through the tournament on the blog, Facebook Fanpage & Twitter.  One last thing…..

For those who want a legit shot at winning the “4 On The Floor” contest, look no further than my **expert picks right here for inside information:  Tennessee, Kansas Sate, Kentucky & DukeKentucky wins it all. LET”S SEE YOUR PICKS NOW & GOOD LUCK!!!!!!  BE SURE TO CHECK THE BLOG, AND FACEBOOK FAN PAGE EVERY DAY!!

**posting a 16-21 win/loss record for the last hoops contest, and an 11-13 win/loss record for the College Football contest, confirms I’m a bona fide expert.

*only one entry per person allowed


  1. kevinnick says

    ohio left
    kansas street ..botom left
    kentucky …top right
    duke..botom right

    Big winner : Duke.


  2. kevinnick says

    ohio state…top left
    kansas street ..botom left
    kentucky …top right
    duke..botom right

    Big winner : Duke.

    thx ..sorry I forgot to write state for ohio

  3. nathan says

    Mid-West= Ohio State
    West= Syracuse
    East= Duke
    South= West Virginia

    ***but I don’t really want ’em to be

  4. Matthew Eng says

    Kansas, Syracuse, Kentucky, and Villanova advance to the Final Four. Syracuse wins the championship.

  5. Jason Sanders says

    Kansas, New Mexico, Syracuse, Baylor

    Kansas – national champs

  6. eddyrick says

    Hi , I chose Gorgetown , Syracuse , Villanova and West Virginia.The big winner will be Gorgetown.


  7. Kristin says

    Guess the mascot is…the Kansas Jayhawk.

    Kansas State

    Champion: Kansas
    Rock chalk!

  8. Jordan Hainsfurther says

    Kansas, Kentucky, Kansas St, Duke

    Kentucky is the champion

  9. Bob says


    Yes; the Big East is far and away the Best Conference in America!

  10. Andy says

    Jonathan – To be clear, you are going with these and not DUKE, right?

  11. Conor says

    Going with President Obama on this one. Kansas, Kansas St., Kentucky and Villanova. Kansas wins the championship.

  12. Eric Miller says


    Kansas wins it all!

    The Champion from What’s your College Knowledge has spoken!

  13. Jeff S. says

    With great ACL related sadness, I can barely be comfortable with putting Purdue in my sweet 16, let alone the final four. I know this year is going to be fun for the fan but terrible for brackets…i foresee lots of red cross outs. But here are my (conservative) picks.

    Final Four:

    Champs: Kansas

    Andy what do you get if you win? Can you win the grand prize? or just braging rights. :)

  14. Andy says

    Come on Jeff?! Go back and read the rules in the Blog Post from Monday….Did you see the Purdue Football shirt I e-mailed you?

  15. Kristin Locsi says


    Kentucky wins it all!!! Go cats!!!!!!

  16. Dacia H says

    Kansas, Kansas state, west Virginia, Kentucky.
    Kansas national champions

  17. Andy says

    Jason – Unfortunately all entries were do before the tournament started, so I cannot count this…

  18. nathan says

    I can’t believe it! If only some of the big guns in the Mid-west and West had come through for me…me and one other guy a couple of posts down would have had this!!! We were the only 2 with 2 of the final 4 and the champs correctly!!!


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