Rock and Roll!!  On March 12th, Raff Eragona and his mates in the Scottish band, ‘The OK Social Club,’ will release their debut single, “The Shape of Things to Come.”  In between tour van rides, club gigs, & festivals in Glasgow, I had the chance to speak with the lead singer about his love of music and Original Retro Brand shirts.

Andy:  When did you start playing the guitar & once you started playing, did you know then and there that you wanted to make music your career?

Raff: I got my first guitar after seeing Back to the Future when I was about 7, and I used to make a real racket with it.  I didn’t really learn to play until I got to High School and all the older guys could play Oasis songs and I could only play the intro to “Layla” at about half speed.  I think I’ve always known that I would be a musician.

Andy: Who were some of your biggest influences musically growing up & why?

Raff: When I was a kid my Mum and Dad played a lot of music round the house, in particular 60’s girl groups like The Shirelles, and Diana Ross and the Supremes. I really do love anything with melody.  My earliest memory of a song is “Together in Electric Dreams,” by Giorgio Moroder and Phil Oakey.  We often walk on stage to that song when we play live.

Andy: How’d the Ok Social club come together and is there any special meaning behind the name?

Raff: Myself and Chris have been playing in a band together for a few years, and  we met Gordy and Jordan while we were playing on the same bill in two different bands.  It just so happened that we were all looking for a band at the same time. The OK Social Club was the name of a band night we used to put on in Edinburgh, and we always said it’d be a good name for a band.

Andy:  Congrats on your new single (which you know I love) coming out on the 12th!  Any plans on the band invading the USA?

Raff: Thank you.  It’s definitely a dream of ours to come over and tour the states.  I guess it all depends on the response to this first single.  We’ve had a lot of positive feedback so far at shows and through pre-video release, but who knows.  I was visiting friends in Minneapolis a couple of years ago and they had some acoustic gigs set up for me and I had a ball.  Would be amazing to come over with the boys.

Andy: I notice you wear quite a bit of Original Retro Brand gear while you perform and we’re honored!  How’d you come across our shirts in Scotland?  Are you a big sports nut, and what is it you like about our apparel so much?

Raff: I do love the T-shirts and I wear them all the time.  My girlfriend and her Mum were in New York a few years ago and got me an ORB Tacoma Cubs T-shirt for my birthday and I loved it.  It’s been my favorite t-shirt since (you can see Raff wearing said Cubs shirt in the video above).  I decided to go online and order some more.  I just love the retro style and fit.  Most of my favorite clothes are things I’ve had for years and worn into, but The Original Retro Brand shirts feel like that brand new and they look cool as &%$# as well!

I really don’t know anything about any sports.  I’m one of the few guys round here that doesn’t follow a Scottish team.  I was always rubbish at sports at school.

Andy:  Well obviously you’ve immersed your talents towards the guitar and music, and for that the world (and elsewhere) is extremely grateful!


For more information on Raff, Chris, Gordy, and Jordan, please go LIKE the OK Social Club on their Facebook page.  BEST OF LUCK BOYS!!!

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