Who wrote that?  Yes, I wrote that, and perhaps I was off just a tad?  One prediction I did make correctly, was that the standings in the The 12 Bowls Of Christmas Contest would drastically change over the weekend. Original Retro Brand CEO Marc Herman fared the best, picking 7 winners out of the 12 games played since our last update, while I imploded (Northwestern, Michigan State SHOULD have won!) dropping 9 games….P&U!!!  With 3 games remaining, the top dog is in a deadlock for first place with Marketing VP Cassidy Moore who has been the most consistent throughout the contest (CFO Rick Schwartz and myself are officially OUT of the running), and the standings now look like this:

Marc 12-11         Cassidy 12-11         Andy 11-12         Rick 10-13

This contest won’t be decided with the outcome of the Fiesta Bowl tonight when TCU faces Bosie State, but could be over after the Orange Bowl tomorrow which features Georgia Tech and Iowa. Marc and Cassidy have both picked the last 3 games differently (Marc has TCU, Georgia Tech, and Texas), so if they split the first two, the contest won’t be decided until the BCS Championship between Alabama & Texas on Thursday and that’s what I’m hoping for!

During the regular season, I made the mistake of picking against TCU twice.  I have learned my lesson.  The Frogs will out-gun the Broncos in an offensive explosion.  TCU – 45, Boise State – 38.


The Georgia Tech-Iowa game is one of the tougher games to pick out of all the Bowl games.  Having attended a few Tech games this year, I can vouch for their explosive offense (they are my third favorite college team due to the fact I married into the situation, and have begrudgingly learned to accept and enjoy them over the years), but at the same time, the Hawkeye defense has yielded half the amount of points the Yellow Jackets have given up.  So who wins?  Gotta go with the heart on my sleeve.  Georgia Tech – 24, Iowa – 17.

And speaking about wearing your heart on your sleeve, I’ll have to go with my second favorite college football team (as written about in this prior blog post) to win the National Championship, and here are my very scientific TOP TEN reasons why:

10.  Tommy Nobis, the most underrated linebacker in NFL history (should be in the Hall of Fame!) and one of my very favorite people, played for Texas.

9.  The Longhorns have a cooler uniform.

8.  I am an old Baltimore Colts fan.  Joe Namath beat my Colts in Super Bowl III.  Joe Namath went to Alabama.  I’m still bitter.  Also the Texas quarterback is a Colt.

7.  I’m a Georgia Bulldog Fan.  You’d think I’d pull for the SEC.  Nope….Georgia ONLY.

6.  Since both teams have been in existence (Texas 1893, Bama 1892), they have played each other 8 times.  Texas has never lost.  They will keep that record intact.

5.  1977 Heisman Trophy Winner Earl Campbell is my favorite running back of all-time.  Yeah, he went to Texas.

4.  Mean people suck.  Nick Saban’s a meanie. He made Timmy Tebow cry!

3.  Texas mascot “Bevo” has been called “the toughest-looking animal mascot in sports”  Bama mascot “Big Al” is a cuddly lil’ ol’ elephant.

2.  Texas was ranked # 2 to finish the regular season in 2005, and a slight underdog when they ended up winning the BCS Championship by ending USC’s 34 game winning streak.  # 2 ranking and slight underdog is where Texas is now.  It’s De ja vue all over again.

1.  My boss loves the Longhorns.  I love my job.  HOOK EM HORNS!

Good luck to both Marc & Cassidy as they battle for the crown.  Please check back next Monday when we announce the winner of the contest.  I will also be reporting on my experience of attending my very first BCS Championship game, and announcing the first Original Retro Brand Contest for 2010.


  1. Bobby says

    andy, you sure you’re out of it? I see a 12-10 record for you. wins of wyoming, rutgers, byu, utah, pitt, usc, uga, nebraska, vtech, penn state, navy, uconn

  2. Andy says

    Yeah, I saw the VTech pick in the standings, but had to voluntarily remove myself because I picked the VOLS to nip them in my write-up! Better shot for you to win Bobby!!

  3. Testudo says

    but at 11-14 you won’t. look at it this way, if you pick tonight’s game, it’s worth at least 3 “other” bowls, so you can finish at 14-14

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