Over-Time: from the nostalgic sports freak…words with Lex and Terry!

Today we will be talking with syndicated radio stars (over 30 cities nationwide) Lex and Terry, who can be heard live Monday-Friday from Dallas, Texas on KEGL 97.1 FM from 5am-10am CST. You can also here them on channel 152 -XM satelite daily- Extreme FM, from 11am-3pmEST.

Lex and Terry have been in the entertainment industry for years, and are HUGE sports fans, and especially love all things retro. With the Stanley Cup in full swing, we checked in to get their take on a few things:

Andy: Word on the street is that you and Lex have a deep seeded hatred for the Detroit Red Wings, favored to win the Stanley Cup. Please share your thoughts if you would –

Terry: On one hand, I totally respect the Redwings. On the other hand I pray the all get syphilis from one of their euro-trash girlfriends. Otherwise, I’m a big fan.

Andy: I know you are a Pittsburgh Steelers fan. Is that random, or are you a Pittsburgh man across the board, I.E. Pirates, Pens?

Lex: I will always LOVE The Steelers, but 30 years in Florida has had its effects. I am a Jags/Gators fan. I love my crappy Pirates because of so much joy they gave me as a kid. They remain my favorite baseball team. Living in Dallas twice I would have to say that in a Stars/Pens game I would have to pull for the Stars. I have been faithful to them and the Mavs since coming here the first time in 1998

Either: Being that your show is broadcast in Dallas, and being that you have Steve Ott of the Stars on regularly, are you a true Stars fan, or do you suck up in fear of being beaten severely?

Terry: Steve Ott … “Otter” is on our show every week and how dare you accuse me of “sucking up.” I’ve been a Stars fan since a couple of years before they won the cup. Since moving back to Dallas I’ve been a season ticket holder every year. Otter is a total fan favorite. He’s a regular dude who just happens to have mad game. Nobody can score and tell a guy he just did their sister like this guy. He’s perfect for our show. By the way Andy, your sister say’s hi

**Andy can take sister joke in stride

Lex: We had Stars tickets for the taking when arriving in 98 and remained Stars fans for the next 8 years until we came back 3 years ago. No man, it is for real.

Either: I don’t recollect seeing the Stars donning ye olde Minnesota North Stars retro unis for any throwback games. Is this something you would like to see?

Terry: I would love the Stars to throw on the North Stars sweaters. That would be awesome. Our show is number one in a few cities in Minnesota and they still can’t get over it. It would really piss those people off. I’m sure that’s why they haven’t done it. However, I’ve seen a few guys in the locker room wearing the North Stars hat.
Lex: NO, that team had no winning tradition until it came here. Leave it alone.

Either: I know each of you have purchased several Original Retro Brand shirts in the past. What is it about them you like so much?

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