This is crazy.  Last year I was lucky enough to hang out and interview legendary rap pioneer Phife Dawg, from “A Tribe Called Quest” (click here to read interview).  At the end of the interview, I jokingly asked if I could set up my drum kit and “kick it old school” with him one day if he was ever in the ATL.  For laughs and giggles, I followed up with Phife when I heard he was in town for a concert a few weeks ago, and much to my astonishment and sheer delirium, the next thing you know, the fantasy had become a reality and we were jamming  (undisclosed secret bat-cave location to boot!).   I don’t think Phife Dawg, Diddy, or Outkast, will be calling me any time soon to sit in on any projects, but for 2 short minutes, I was the hum in the Phife & Drum.  HOLLA!!


  1. Andy says

    I was off-beat a second, but it was still a blast. Call you laTER FOR REAL –

  2. Andy says

    He had to because the red shirt matched his kicks! JK!! (that’s not for Jack Kennedy, but what the kids today use for “Just Kidding”) Phife is a hoops aficianado and Terps fan for sure –

  3. Billy Echo says

    Phife and drum corp was HOT !!! I love the Curtis Martin reference! that was bananas, off the hook and simply pure chutney ! Luv’d it !

  4. Slick says

    That was ill! I’m see’in loads of guys wearin those Bulldog helmets now. It’s the new in thing.

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