Over-Time: By the nostalgic sports freak…Original Retro Brands ” Next Top Model”

Angela Castonzo is an entrepreneur who has worked as a professional make-up artist for Bobbi Brown, is an editorial and print model,  and will soon be releasing her own line of cutting edge anti aging skin care products.  I had the chance to sit down with her and find out what the heck is going on. (click on each photo to see Angela up close…)

SF:While you worked with Bobbi Brown, you had the opportunity to work with quite a few celebrities.   Ever find yourself starstruck by any of these folks.?

Angela: Hahahaha…I don’t kiss and tell, Andy.  I will tell you that one star I worked with had the number one selling CD and Movie out at the same time.   She made me a little nervous.  I have also worked with Usher and he is the coolest, most laid back dude. His wife and Mom are very sweet as well.

SF:  I know you have been working extensively on a new line of skin care products.   Can you tell us what will set your line apart from the others that are out there today, and when we can expect the product to become available?

Angela: After playing in the luxury skin care sand box for 8 years, I realized that there are a sea of over valued, under performing products out there. I am creating a line that gives proven results at a reasonable cost. I am taking the guess work out of it and exposing the impostors with ridiculous claims.

SF:  Once your line reaches market, do you intend on working on any other projects?   Have you considered getting into the apparel business?

Angela: I grew up in a fashion family, hailing from Italy! Have you seen my closet?? As much as I love to get glam, my favorite outfit, outside of a bikini 😉 has to be jeans and a cool t-shirt. I may pull something out of my hat. You’ll have to stay tuned.

SF:   I had the pleasure of working with you a few times for the Original Retro Brand ( Angela was the model in case anybody is wondering.)   You seemed to relish the role, and of course that is what the folks hiring you expect and hope for.   I do not want to put words in your mouth, but it seemed to me that you really loved the assignments because you REALLY LOVED the product.    Am I on target here?   (we’ll move on if I’m not on target.)

Angela: LOL…Right on target Andy…SPOT ON :) I LOVE Original Retro Brand. They are not only the hottest way for girls to wear sports apparel, outside of dressing up like a naughty cheerleader….oops! Did I say that? They are fantastically comfy!!!

SF:   Original Retro Brand will be coming out with some amazing new Women’s product this Summer and Fall.   Could I interest you in doing some trunk shows for some of your clients?

Angela: As you know, I travel all the time. Any reason to throw a party, partner up with some cool boutiques and run around in some great new ORB, yes, I am totally in!

SF:   You are originally from Chicago.   Are you a homer when it comes to following sports teams?   Cubs or White Sox?

Angela: A die hard Chicago Fan, for sure. Gotta go Cubbies.

SF: Fighting Illini or Northwestern?

Angela: My Uncle played Football for U of I so, have to go with them.

SF:Bears and Blackhawks?

Angela: Bears and the Blackhawks my dear!!!  Don’t leave out The Chicago Fire…you know I have a weak spot for soccer players 😉

Thanks for the fun and the photos Angela.  Good luck with your new line and I’ll let you know when the first trunk show is!


  1. says

    Wild post! Who comes up with the ideas for content? KUDOS. Hymie, keep these posts comin’ They’re fun as hell to read!!

    And of course the models are fine as well :)

  2. Katie says

    I’m with Angela- there’s nothing better than the retro shirts and jeans (of course, other than a bikini). I get compliments on my shirts everywhere I go…love it!!

  3. gemma says

    Fantastic product and Angela sure does make them look amazing. Can’t wait to order :)

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