Over-Time: By the nostalgic sports freak….I LOVE HOMEWORK!

I’ll be 50 years old soon, but I still have homework to do.  After 11 years working in the sports retail environment (www.Distantreplays.com), I’ve been given a desk assignment working from home.   It has taken me three months to adjust, but I think I am getting used to it.

Of course I miss the face-to-face interaction with all of the customers who would come to the store.  Not only would they make a purchase, but the talk about that purchase,  and what and why it was so important to them is what I truly miss the most.   If I were at the store today, the usual LSU regulars would be in to talk about last nights College World Series victory, which garnered them their 6th Baseball title since 1991, and Tiger alum Shaquille O’Neal becoming a Cleveland Cavalier.   That is what makes retro gear so special –  It brings people together to talk about THEIR team and their special experiences tied to a simple image on a shirt or hat.

One of the very best things about working from home is that I have my big screen color TV in front of my desk, and have sports on round the clock.    So it is always easy to look up from the computer screen at any given moment, and get my daily fix.  Too many distractions working at the store, with customers, and phone ringing non-stop.

When you get to watch Wimbledon to start the day, see the USA upset Spain in soccer in the afternoon, and watch Texas and LSU in a game 3 of the College World Series instead of sitting in rush hour traffic, you realize the home gig ain’t so bad!


  1. Douglas Bisson says


    Sounds like a big transition but a wonderful job. Do they need help? =;)



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