Over-Time: by the nostalgic sports freak..Monday Morning Weigh-In Winner Week # 4


And we have our 4th Winner in the Original Retro Brand FIGHT FOR THE FIT challenge…Chris Glavine (we don’t know where he is from yet!) guessed Andy’s weight right on the nose @ 235 lbs. We’ll notify Chris and find out which shirt he chooses and post that shirt on the ORB Facebook page.  For those of you just finding your way to this page, the FIGHT FOR THE FIT challenge is my attempt to lose 30 lbs by Halloween, so I can wear my favorite old Georgia Original Retro Brand shirt that USED to fit me, and dress up as an ORB model (then steal my kids candy and get fat again).   Whoever comes closest to guessing my weight each week wins the shirt of their choice from the Original Retro Brand website.

Another week in the books, and another 2 lbs off the body!   I was really hoping I could take off at least 3 this week, but I’ve now lost 9 lbs in 26 days and am ready to attack this week with a mad vengeance!   Mentally I am acting as if I am training for opening day of College Football season, and need to “make weight,” in time to suit up for the Dawgs in their highly anticipated match-up with the Oklahoma State Cowboys.   Remember the key word is “acting.”   I bet I could still be a kicker…


There are actually 10 more weigh-ins leading up to the final weigh in which we will make a day early on Friday, October, 30th, or 67 days from today.   I need to drop another 21 lbs, or 3.1 per week.   I’ve averaged 2.8 so far, so I have to really step it up.   I have worked out for 26 days straight, and have limited my caloric intake to 2,000 calories or less.   If I want to drop that 21, it’s time to work out more, and drop the calories to 1,500 per day.  This is going to be extra difficult with football season starting.   Tailgating at Georgia Tech and Falcons games = Dogs, burgers, Wings = big problem.  Heck, the Braves are in the hunt for a Wild Card, and the “All You Can Eat,” seats are a real bargain!    I can do this….I can do this…..GOING TO BE HARD to do this.

Want to thank my friends at 24HR Fitness once again for sending me a bodybugg, which is always by my side (it’s attached!) for inspiration and motivation,  and all the folks pulling for me.   I am also donating $5 a day to the American Cancer Society’s Relayforlife, and urge you to support the charity of your choice.   You can follow my progress (or lack of) daily on      http://twitter.com/retrobrand and Facebook.


  1. Karan Dabrowski says

    Way to go Andy!!! So proud of you working out everyday!!! Your weight loss is great and good luck for the weeks to come!!

  2. Chris says

    Hey, awesome I won…i really do love these tee’s. I am from Nova Scotia, Canada. Not far from where Sidney Crosby is from actually so I’d love a Penguins tee. Model: RB115_PTP8BLK looks cool. Thanks.


  3. Chris says

    Size Large, and my mailing address is:

    Chris Glavine (chrisglavine@hotmail.com)
    78 Terra Nova Dr.
    Kingston, NS
    B0P 1R0

    Thanks again, good luck hitting your target weight.

  4. Miles says

    I’ve missed a few posts– am I the first to, um, weigh in about next week’s weigh in? I say you do it this week: 232.0.

  5. Andy says

    You are funny, dude. And yes you are the first. I am going to hit you up on Facebook about awesome College Football event this weekend!

  6. Andy says

    Good luck Steve – As of this moment you are definitely in the ballpark!

  7. Slick says

    This week I’m going with 232.2. How much did you eat at that college fanfest?

  8. Marybeth Seeback says

    WooHooooo Andy! You rock…glad it is 1500 calories..whew…don’t want you to die of starvation. KEEP GOING!!! WTF is a Plank???

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