Over-Time: by the nostalgic sports freak..FIGHT FOR FIT CHALLENGE MONDAY MORNING WEIGH-IN WINNER WEEK # 13

Where did the time go?  The Original Retro Brand FIGHT FOR THE FIT challenge that started back on August 3rd, is about to come to an end this Saturday, October 31st with my final weigh-in.  12 lucky folks have won a FREE Original Retro Brand shirt, including today’s winner.  Whoever guesses my weight closest for the Halloween finale, will win a Bodybugg from 24Hr Fitness in addition to 2 Original Retro Brand shirts of their choice!


My goal of losing 30 lb’s in 3 months so I could fit my Georgia Bulldogs XL Original Retro Brand shirt, and dress as an Original Retro Brand model for Halloween, will not be met I am sad to report.    I was only able to lose 1 measley lb this past week, leaving me 7.5 short with just 5 days before final weigh-in (I will not be going on a 5 day fast!).  Anybody that has battled the bulge knows that it is so extremely difficult to lose the weight, and so much easier to gain.   You bust your butt all week, and then even just one day of indulgence can tip that frickin’ scale a notch against you.  I had the pleasure of working a trunk show this past Saturday with my pal Angela, and took the liberty of gorging on all of the delicacies that were offered (7 layer taco dip X 30 dips = thousands of empty calories) and that simply led into a lazy Sunday in which I will not elaborate what foodstuffs were consumed ( Egg McMuffins, pizza, chicken parm, wings, chips, and even some fruit!).


Hey, I’m not into walking the catwalk anyway.  And even though I won’t reach my goal, my Georgia shirt actually does fit me well enough for me to proudly wear in public again.   I promise to give my all out this last week and break that dang 220 mark.   I haven’t seen the scale say 219 or less since I was in college, and that is 27 years ago.

Before I forget, the winner for this week is Dante Samuel of Brick, New Jersey.  He has chosen an orange New York Islanders shirt – one of my personal favorites.   This is the comment he left and I couldn’t agree more:  “220 is the psychological breaking point and too tough to break…..220.5″    Regardless, I am going to break that 220 barrier as my last shot at some glory!


If you are just reading this blog for the first time, why not take a shot at winning a FREE shirt from Original Retro Brand.   All you have to do is enter what you think I will weigh this coming Saturday in the Post/View comment section of this blog post.  Whoever comes closest will win (in the event of a tie, which happens frequently, names will be drawn from an Original Retro Brand hat to determine the winner).   You could also win a Bodybugg from 24HR Fitness.  The Bodybugg is an excellent motivating device which counts your calories on a daily basis, in addition to nutritional breakdowns, advice, etc., and has easily helped me lose weight during this challenge.

This will also be the last week of donating $5 a day to the American Cancer Society’s Relayforlife.   It’s a great cause, please check em’ out if you can.  You can follow my progress (or lack of..) on Facebook and  Twitter.


  1. Karan Dabrowski says

    I am guessing 220 cuz you deserve it!!! You have worked hard and as long as you keep it up you will be at 219 soon!!!

  2. Slick says

    What happens when the challenge ends? What do we all do on Monday mornings?

  3. Andy says

    Good question Slick…Stay tuned, as a NEW interactive contest will start anew…

  4. Javagold says

    even though its a short week, you dont have the weekend to mess you up….that should make for a good 219 !!

  5. managar says

    I look forward to seeing another “New Andy”

    The only way you could lose those last lbs. would be spending the next 5 days in the trailer reorganizing the pizzazz or perhaps a cleansing treatment in the desert.

    I also found this to be a disturbing quote and image-
    “Anybody that has battled the bulge knows that it is so extremely difficult”

  6. Andy says

    It’s funny because it’s true. Might I add that I have a few new “methods” on which you will need to be updated on including a very uncomfortable event that happened in my car whilst I was stuck in traffic…very graphic. Look forward to giving you the very dirty details in person some day…THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

  7. Slick says

    Please, please, please don’t tell me you strapped on your black helmet to do this weigh in. And don’t tell me that you threw caution to the wind, like so many a Joe Cox pass and downed a bunch of candy corn on Saturday night. Though my faith is teetering in the world of sports, I believe in you. Here it goes….. 219.75.

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