We had 3 excellent entries this past week, which made things very difficult for our judges.  Our first entry from Shaun Boyle of Aubrey, Texas, showed that wearing an Original Retro Brand shirt could bring good luck, as he won his local poker tournament whilst donning his Arizona State Sun Devils shirt.  He also threw in a “good luck” shout out to the NAVY midshipmen against ARMY in the annual football classic, and that worked out well for him too.  Going patriotic always softens up the judges!


Our second entry from Eric Miller of Chicago, Illinois, was intriguing because he admits to loving the Original Retro Brand catalogue of diverse graphics, and owning several shirts even though he is not a die-hard fan of the team shirts he owns.  I know all of the judges relate to that completely.

Our third, and final entry for week # 5 comes from Bobby By of Atlanta, Georgia.  Bobby is the first person to send in more than one image to get his message across.  He gets major points for creativity for juggling oranges (3 images show the progression) while wearing his beloved Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets shirt.  Of course the oranges are to signify that Georgia Tech will be playing in the Orange Bowl against Iowa on January 5th.  We liked the Orange Bowl and progression angles, but the quality of the photo’s themselves knocked Mr. By out of the competition.


All entries get kudos for pointing out the softness, excellent fit, and comfort of the Original Retro Brand shirt, and we sincerely thank all for participating.  We can only pick one winner, however,  and the winner of the FREE Original Retro Brand shirt for this week is……

The tall Texan (at least he looks like he’d be tall when he stands up!) from Aubrey – Shaun Boyle.   We’ll notify Shaun of his good fortune, and let ya’ll know what shirt he picks for his prize on our Original Retro Brand Facebook Fanpage.

There are just 2 more weeks left in this contest, so hurry up and send us your entries today!!   Just e-mail yours truly (andyphyman@gmail.com) a picture of yourself (or you and your friends) wearing an Original Retro Brand shirt at work or play, with a brief description of what you do for a living and/or what you love to do for fun while sporting your Original Retro Brand gear.  We’ll post your picture and description on this blog when we receive, and on the Original Retro Brand Facebook Fan page. The Original Retro Brand Staff will choose the photo/description each week that they believe best represents the spirit of the Original Retro Brand Fan, and the person who sent in the photo will win a FREE ORIGINAL RETRO BRAND t-shirt!  A new winner will be announced every Monday through Christmas Eve.  We will then take all the winners, and pick the overall best picture for our grand prize winner and announce on New Year’s Day.  The Grand Prize will be your choice of 4 Original Retro Brand t-shirts.  Also remember to stay updated on all that is Original Retro Brand by following us on Twitter and Facebook.  We need more entries NOW for week # 6, so please send them in NOW!!!


  1. Schuylers Sports Bar says

    We are so proud of Shaun’s win and of his win at our Poker Tournaments on Tuesday!!! We love Shaun, he is a great guy, great customer and one of the family here at our bar!!! Plus he looked great in the ORB SHIRT!!!

  2. Andy says

    He is definitely on a roll, and welcome him into the ORB family!! The only problem now is that he is a Texas A&M fan, and I am a Georgia Fan…..Shaun’s winning streak is about to end!!! Take care –


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