100 Millionth GM Car rolls off the assembly line!

That’s alot of cars, eh?  It actually happened 47 years ago today in 1967.  The model that rolled off for that honor was a light blue Chevy Caprice and that beauty resides in the GM Museum in Flint, Michigan.


Retro Brand loves cars and the gearheads that love them too!  That’s why we were revved up to introduce our new t-shirt line of GM cars, brands & slogans when GM celebrated their 100 year anniversary in November of 2011.  We’ve updated our initial assembly line recently to include new releases like the Chevy SS, Firebird, & Chevy Super service tee to name just a few.  You like what you see above?  Then go on over to the showroom on our website to check out all the new models & drive off with one today!


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TOP 10 Newest NHL tees just in time for Lord Stanley

The Stanley Cup Playoffs begin tonight.  Six weeks of perhaps the most exciting of all playoff tournaments in all of professional sports will unfold and Retro Brand is ready to to gear you up proper.  Behold as we unfold our TOP 10 newest NHL tees just in time for Lord Stanley.

10.  Boston Bruins flex fit:  I know I said top ten tees, but this “Back in Black,” hat is ferocious.  Gotta give props to the team with the best record in all of hockey.

9.  Philadelphia Flyers cropped tank:  Flyers hockey gals won’t tank in this winner.  Flyers looking to not tank against the Rangers.

8.  Minnesota Wild tailsweep:  A sweep against the #1 Western Conference seed Colorado Avalanche would be Wild.

7.  Columbus Blue Jackets crest:  Congrats to the Jackets for making the Playoffs for the second time in their brief 14 year history.

6.  St. Louis Blues raglan:  There’s nothing ragtime about these Blues..  Watch out Chi-town!

5.  Los Angeles Kings stick crossing:  Crossing fingers & sticks for second Stanley Cup title in 3 years.

4.  Quebec Nordiques double hit:  Well, they kinda made the playoffs being that they eventually became the Avalanche, right?  Simply cannot leave any new Nords gear off a TOP 10 list when it comes in!

3.  Montreal Canadiens:  “Les Habitants, ” looking to add Stanley Cup title #25 to their all time total – the most of any NHL franchise in history.

2.  Colorado Avalanche long sleeve crew:  Looking to ride first division title in 10 years (they have 9 total) to 3rd Stanley Cup Championship.  I know, another non-tee entry but it’s too cool.

1.  Detroit Redwings Zip up hoodie:  Breaking them rules again.  The #1 newest NHL tee is a hoodie.  Original 6 team.  Original Retro Brand look. 

There are your TOP 10.  But we have LOTS more in our NHL section, so go check ‘em out.  You’ll also probably want to check out the NHL Bracket Challenge.  It’s as cool as our tees.

hockey bracket


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Here’s why a Monday can be awesome; It’s National Beer Day!

Today, April 7, 2014 is not the day to sing “I Don’t like Mondays.”  Why?  Because today it’s National Beer Day!  Stay thirsty my friends.  …and wear the proper attire.

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Play Ball! It’s opening day at Shea.

Any Mets or Jets fans out there?  Remember taking the 7 train to Shea?  Just brought a happy tear to my eye remembering all the many, many games & fun times experienced there.  Got my first plastic batting helmet & pennant at that joint.  Saw Joe Willie throw his last pass as a Jet there too.  Citifield is nice, but I really, really loved Shea.  Even when it was on its last legs it felt comfortable to me.  Ok, enough sappy sentimentality.  Play Ball!






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Adam Sandler hangs with South African Cricket star Dale Steyn

Adam Sandler has a new film coming out this Memorial Day weekend called “Blender” (check trailer below).  South African Cricket star Dale Steyn has a cameo and is shown here hanging out with Adam on the set.  Not sure how many of our shirts will make it onto the big screen (if any), but we’re thankful to the Brooklyn native for repping his home city Retro brand tee behind the scenes.


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