Get your MARVEL on for Comic-Con!

Comic-Con is going on in San Diego right now through 7/27, but don’t worry if you can’t make it!  There’s a non-stop calendar filled with Comic-Con shows all year round starting with San Antonio (8/1 through 8/3) followed by Chicago (8/21 through 8/24) to name just a few.

And if getting decked out in crazy costumes is not your thing, might as well get the next best thing – MARVEL tees from Retro Brand.  Spiderman, HULK, Ironman, Wolverine, Captain America all available now.. Just click—>POW!   



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College Football KicKoff; T-Minus 39 days, 9 hours, 25 minutes, and 2 seconds…

I think this sums it up;  CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!

One thing we all can do between now and College Colors Day is freshen up the College closet.   As in, step into some NEW super soft as a baby’s buttocks vintage Retro Brand College Gear.  DAWG fan like me?  My recommendation HERE.  Notre Dame?  HERE.  Noles?  HERE.  Any other team besides those three for the love of God?!  Of course…. Shop ‘em all HERE.


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NOT in the National Baseball Hall of Fame & Museum (but should be)?

A ten time All-Star.  4 time Gold Glove winner.  Longest consecutive games played streak by a National Leaguer.  Played in 5 World Series.  Had over 200 hits 6 times.  Had his jersey retired.  All of this (and really there’s more) and the person who these accolades are attributed to has not been given the ultimate baseball honor he deserves.  Well he did make the Hall of Fame for Michigan State University as he starred in baseball and football for the Spartans.

Can you pick the person the above refers to that is featured in our new line of Baseball Legends tees?  You could win a Retro Brand tee of your choice if you pick correctly.  Just enter the player you think it is in the comment section below and we’ll randomly choose a winner a week from today on June 30th.

So, which one of these guys is NOT in the National Baseball Hall of Fame & Museum but should be?

Leave your answer in the comment section below.  You may win a FREE Retro Brand tee.

Whomever it is, he’s in some good company!  Please check out all the players featured in our newest collection of Baseball legends here and don’t forget to leave your answer in the comment section below.  We’ll be announcing the winner of this contest next Monday afternoon, June 30, 2014.  GOOD LUCK!

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FOX Soccer analyst Keith Costigan talks World Cup with Retro Brand!

The World Cup is on!!  Retro Brand had the pleasure to speak with former professional futballer & current FOX Sports Soccer commentator Keith Costigan about the games and here’s a brief excerpt…

Andy:  Thanks for taking the time Keith.  First I have to ask you about the transition from the playing field to the broadcasting booth.  Harder to play in the League of Ireland (Keith is a Dublin, Ireland native) and the USL (Portland Timbers) than it is to be live on the air for FOX Sports ?

Keith:  I may get in a little bit of trouble from my peers in the television business, but I have to say playing was more difficult.  Giving your opinion on what you think should be done on the field compared to the reality of being on the field and having to perform at the highest level are completely different situations.  Opinions are easier to deliver than perfection in the pitch.  Playing is harder and not as glamorous.

Andy:  Many of the opinion givers are pointing out the USA has drawn a very tough group in the World Cup.  Do you share their same thoughts?  Also, having played in Europe professionally and traveled the world seeing the best of the best, how would you rank the level of play for the USA comparatively speaking to those of Europe and the rest of the world?

Keith:  I would start by saying the USA has made great strides in closing the gap with their peers around the world in the past 10 years while not quite getting there yet.  In the USA, soccer has to compete against the NFL, NBA, MLB, & NHL which makes it more challenging.  It’s no secret that soccer is the #1 sport in the world and that most countries don’t have to compete with other major sports like they do in the US.  As far as the USA chances in their group, the consensus is Tim Howard will have to be better then great as the last line of defense for the Yanks and I go along with that to a certain extent.  As you know, anything can happen but the competition from Portugal, Germany, & Ghana will be as brutal as advertised.

Andy:  Speaking of brutal, who would you say was your toughest opponent to play against during your career?

Keith:  When you’re playing in the most competitive leagues, the level of all the players is simply at the highest regardless of conditions.  What I mean to say is the level of of consistency is so great across the board whenever and wherever you are playing, that it makes it very difficult to pinpoint who the toughest I played against was.  That being said, my current colleague in the broadcast booth, Eric Wynalda, is certainly one I could go on record as saying was one of the best and it was definitely my pleasure & honor to have had that opportunity.  Another would be current San Jose Earthquakes goalkeeper Jon Busch who is also a good friend.

Keith (L) kickin' it with Portland in 2002.

Keith (L) kickin’ it with Portland in 2002.

Andy:  Great you could remain friends off the field after doing battle Keith!  Ok, back to the World Cup.  As the host country, Brazil has been criticized roundly for the exorbitant amount of money being spent on the games while a large part of the population lives in relative squalor.  What are your thoughts on that?

Keith:  We definitely need to put sports in perspective and these games are not the first to be controversial.  The hope is the games will create new jobs and bring more tourism dollars in the immediate future.  I understand the frustration and sympathize with any country that desperately needs to improve their conditions.  This time around I hope that it has a positive economic impact on the country.

Andy:  That’s something we all would love to see for sure…  Last question.  How do you like that USA Retro Brand Soccer shirt you’ve got on in the photo?  The Brazil shot’s pretty cool too…

Keith:  I love the material of the shirt.  It’s very comfortable to wear and I really like the hip design.  I will be attending a few events for the USA games and I like to go in jeans and the Retro Brand tee shirt goes perfectly with that kind of look.

Andy:  We couldn’t agree more sir!  I’d like to thank Keith again for his  time and look forward to hearing him on FOX Sports throughout the World Cup.  I encourage you to do the same!

You can follow Keith on Twitter @KeithCostigan and @FOXSoccer  You can also read his column on









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