Going, Going, almost GONE – Texas, Vols, Kentucky, & Aggies 40% OFF Clearance is on!

As of September 1, Retro Brand will no longer be carrying product for the Texas Longhorns, Texas A&M Aggies, Kentucky Wildcats, and Tennessee Volunteers.  Big Bummer.  But hey, at least you can swoop in on some savings because we’re knocking off 40% on all remaining inventory for these 4 schools.*   So if any of these are your teams, or if you just love awesome vintage college sports gear, now’s your chance to grab some at great prices.  Happy Shopping!

Texas Longhorns here   Kentucky Wildcats here  Tennessee Volunteers here  Texas A&M Aggies here

40% OFF All UT, A&M, VOLS, & UK til 9/1/14 Midnight PST*

40% OFF All UT, A&M, VOLS, & UK til 9/1/14 Midnight PST*

*Sale excludes any apparel in the College Classics category

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Shaft, he’s a bad mother…

One of the coolest shirts we’ve ever had right here….

Click the 1971 opening credits and then sing along.  Can ya dig it?

Who’s the black private dick
That’s a sex machine to all the chicks?
You’re damn right
Who is the man
That would risk his neck for his brother man?
Can ya dig it?
Who’s the cat that won’t cop out
When there’s danger all about
Right on
You see this cat Shaft is a bad mother
(Shut your mouth)
But I’m talkin’ about Shaft
(Then we can dig it)
He’s a complicated man
But no one understands him but his woman
(John Shaft)

Lyrics by the legendary Isaac Hayes

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NEW Retro Brand College gear in time for #CollegeColors Day. And it’s 40% OFF!!

Yes indeed!  The countdown clock sits at 13 days til College Colors Day.   And that means you need fresh gear from your favorite school to wear on Friday, August 29th, the day before the first full slate of 2014 College Football games get underway.  You ready?  Jump on our 40% OFF Sitewide #CollegeColors Sale going on right now though this Sunday at Midnight.  All you have to do is enter code COLLEGE40 @checkout.  We’ve got 100′s of NEW products including the dozen below all Made in the USA for 40% OFF right here.  All the best of our other retro lines like MARVEL, American Roadtrip, NHL, & all Pop Culture are 40% off too.* 

Remember to wear your new Retro Brand Gear on College Colors Day and post your photo’s on Instagram using hashtags #CollegeColors & #RetroBrand.  You’ll be automatically entered into a drawing to win a $100 Retro Brand Gift Card for the trouble!

*Sale excludes items in College Classics Category.




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SEC Gals Getting their Gear on!

It still may be a sizzlin’ summer down south, but football in the fall is not too far off.  Just about 3 weeks til SEC powers Texas A&M and South Carolina face off on a Thursday night in Columbia.  The next day, Friday, August 29th, is College Colors Day, when fans nationwide (worldwide!) wear their school colors to show support.

These gals got together recently to show who they’re pulling for when they posed in their Retro Brand gear at retailer Chan Elizabeth, in Johns Creek, Georgia.  Make sure you’re ready come kickoff time!   Retro Brand College gear here.




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Know your College Football? Try our trivia & prove it!

Answer correctly & be automatically entered into a drawing for a $50 Retro Brand Gift Card.  We’ll announce the winner right here on August 13th so go give it your best shot HERE!


And while the Red River Rivalry between the Longhorns & Sooners isn’t til October 11th, College Colors Day is just around the corner – 28 days left to be exact.  Do you have the proper gear to represent your favorite College team?  You still have time, so shop our College section today.

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Legendary New York City Mens Fashion spot, ROTHMANS, is the Retro Brand Retailer of The Month

Our Retailer of the Month for August is ROTHMANS, New York, which has been a mens fashion institution dating back to 1926.  I had the honor and pleasure to speak briefly with Ken Giddon, who along with his brother & co-owner Jim, have carried on the tradition of excellence and impeccable customer service set forth by their grandfather Harry Rothman.

Andy:  It seems as if you were born into the business.  Would this be an accurate statement?

Ken:  Not exactly.  I had worked on Wall Street as a bond trader, but when my grandfather decided to close the original Rothmans at the age of 82 in 1985, I saw potential in relaunching it more as a high end retail location as opposed to the upscale discount clothing store it was known for.  While I wasn’t born into the business per say, I did inherit my grandfathers’ strong sense of providing value and customer service as well as having a good sense of humor.

Andy:  Do you need that sense of humor when it comes to working side by side with your brother?

Ken:  Haha, not at all.  I love working with my brother.  When Jim came on board it was just a natural fit.  We came up with different roles in the business easily with no fuss whatsoever and that has made the experience an absolute pleasure.  Jim handles the nuts and bolts, and I’m more of the big picture guy.

Andy:  Speaking of big picture, the look and feel of Rothmans inside and out is “So fresh & So Clean!”  It’s truly impeccable and inviting in every detail.  How much effort goes into this on a regular basis?

Ken:  Thanks for the kind words, however Jim and I recognize our shortcomings and that’s why we leave the bulk of the merchandising to our store managers who are top notch at keeping up the look on a daily basis.  We also hired an excellent design team who executed our vision perfectly.

Andy:  Who would you say is your typical customer?

Ken:  I guess you could say we don’t have a typical customer which I imagine is a good thing in our case.  We have those who come in to buy an $1,800 suit and those who come in to buy a $38 Retro Brand shirt.

Andy:  Guys in suits need to chill out in comfy tees too so catering to both makes perfect sense!  Who handles the buying of those comfy Retro Brand tees?

Ken:  This is one job that is exclusively mine.  I’ve been with Marc & Lisa (Marc is the owner or Retro Brand & Lisa is one of our top reps) since Retro Brand began.  I love the comfort, fit, and the fact that they’re always coming up with something fun and unique.

Andy:  I’m hooked myself and can understand that buying our gear is a fun part of your job.  What would you say is the absolute favorite part of your job?

Ken:  Without question it’s the customers who’ve become real friends.  It’s that simple.

Andy:  You’ve got your flagship store on 18th Street & Park Avenue in New York City and another in Scarsdale, NY.  Any plans for another store?  What do you have up your sleeve for the future of Rothmans?

Ken:  We’ve always got our eyes open for potentially new spots in cities not too far away.  We’re particularly excited about the relaunch of our website in September which will feature our custom shirt business.  Customers will have the ability to pick out color and fabric swatches and build their own shirts from the ground up.  Really looking forward to it.

Andy:  I’ll be sure to check that out so I can get a few shirts beyond my Retro Brand collection!

Many thanks to Ken for his time today and if you’re visiting New York City any time soon, you know where you have to go to beef up your style game!  You can also find them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Here’s a great clip featuring Ken that appeared recently on Manhattan Sideways.  His love and enthusiasm for his business, family, and city shine throughout….

For more info on Rothmans store locations, hours, and directions, please click HERE.


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